Star Wars: A Space RPG where the Galactic Republic clash with the Sith Empire

Star Wars The Old Republic tells the story of the battle between The Empire and The Republic in a superb way that is exciting plus totally consuming in every regard. It is a multi player online game that involves all the famous Star Wars characters that fans of the films will love plus the bonus is you actually get to choose which one you would like to play and which side you would like to be on.

So do you want to be a gallant Jedi knight or would you rather play as a cruel barbaric Sith? asks this question poetically. Bounty hunter, trooper, smuggler or imperial agent the choice is yours plus all are equally as interesting as the other. All the characters can be customised, you can create your own unique player making this one of the best space rpgs with character creator elements along with eve online. You can also choose to give your character a good personality even if you select one from the dark side. There are eight exciting stories incorporated into Star Wars The Old Republic each one introduced with a text explanation of your situation plus the great Star Wars music.

Character Creation and Customisation Options Are Extensive in SWTOR

The system of play is not easy to get the hang of especially if you are a newcomer to this genre and have never played an MMO previously (like but stick with it as all becomes apparent eventually. The aim of the game is to progress along the levels exploring, defeating enemies while ultimately completing the mission. New skills are unlocked and learned along the way while heroic missions require online cooperation with other players. You can pick up characters along the levels to be companions which also affects the story’s line. There are lots of different planets to visit in the spaceship that every player is given at the start of the mission.

Each of the factions in Star Wars The Old Republic ( has different classes all with a background story plus their ongoing story outcome is influenced by players choices. The different classes all have specific space ships too. Bounty Hunters have the D5-Mantis patrol vehicle while Smugglers have the XS Freighter. There are many more vehicles that other characters fly that you will discover too.

Story telling in the game is superb. Your character is able to threaten, attack, blackmail or murder while on the other hand you can be kind and generous, its your choice. Dialogue is very well dealt with plus is integral to your decision making as you progress. Romance also figures in the form of your companions that you can customise, while they gain in affection for you enabling you to unlock quests. Keep your companion until maximum affection has been achieved and you will be rewarded with a smoochy love scene!

Visually Star Wars The Old Republic is second to none. The introductory cinematic is superb in every way. The background sets are atmospheric making for a great experience while the effects during fight scenes are fantastic. The sound track is also awesome with the Star Wars theme featuring, along with superb sound effects from fight scenes to dialogue it is simply amazing stuff.

A lot of talk was bandied around when Star Wars The Old Republic was to be released comparing it to World of Warcraft. Of course Warcraft was the first in this genre plus it has been phenomenally successful world wide but players must give Star Wars a chance. Warcraft is a hard act to follow but in my opinion Star Wars The Old Republic more than lives up to its predecessor in look and content.