Starlight Christmas Game

In the Starlight Christmas game the pretty star concept returns with a christmas edition whereby you have to figure out how to change the star cluster to create beautiful christmas pictures.

The Epitome of What a Good Xmas Version of Browser Game Should Be Like

Starlight Christmas captures the beauty of star constellations and the festive season of christmas in the perfect combination of a light and easy to play game.

From it's charming music to it's snowy effects maneuvering star constellations has never been so novel and fun. What we like most about the series is it's simple design to be a mouse only game. You merely move your cursor around the screen until you find the correct spot to assemble the stars into a pretty christmas icon or object.

Each level will start with a small clue as to what you are attempted to form, almost like a peep through the curtain at the finish product. Yet how to reveal that object in a full star pattern can be more difficult than it first seems. There are certainly more elaborate puzzle games than Starlight out there, but are there that many more that combine simplicity, difficulty and charm? We personally think not!

Perhaps one of the most remarkable parts of Starlight Christmas by Armor Games in equal measure to the other games is the so near yet so far concept. You can be moving your cursor very near to what looks like the perfect point to form the object in question yet until you hit the nail on the spot it won't give you each round cheaply. We are not so sure how this concept would be effectively transfered to a phone where the touch of a finger isn't quiet so measured as one of a mouse sensor and cursor.

We have to say there are so many light hearted snowy landscaped based christmas games available to play in a web browser at but perhaps not so many have the subtle beauty that Starlight Christmas has to offer which is what sets it apart as a unique gem in a somewhat saturated season of offerings.